Card Shark Collection - Custom Decks

Starting with Card Shark 5.4, the ability to import custom card fronts is supported.

Custom decks of 1024x1024 (SD) and 2048x2048 (HD) are supported.

To install a custom deck, following the instructions below:

1. Load the image to your photo library by opening the image in safari, then holding your finger on the image until "save image" is presented.

2. Open the iDevice Photo Library to confirm that the image is present and selectable.

3. Open Card Shark, go to "Options" then select the "Custom Deck" option. Choose the deck you saved in step(1).

Once a custom deck is imported into Card Shark, it will be used by Card Shark until you select an alternate deck. You don't have to keep the image in your photo library.

If you are interested in contributing decks to distribute here for use with Card Shark, I'd love to see your work! Contact me. An HTML/JavaScript desktop browser-based tool that can be used to pack cards into the format used by CardShark is available here.

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