Karate Fighter!

Available now for iPhone and iPod touch!

Karate Fighter (Full Version)

Princess Meri has been kidnapped by an evil gang. Unfortunately for them, you are a master of karate! Fight through 9 levels of intense action against masters of kungfu, wrestling, boxing, weapons, and even black magic.

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Karate Fighter 2.0

Available now! Features include new high resolution sprites, additional game options to enable/disable blood and music, the ability to select 'retro' presentation, and an exciting new bonus level where the player fights an endurance match in a battle royale against the villains of the game.

Karate Fighter 1.5

The giant has learned a flying splash attack which threatens to crack the dojo floor. The ancient master has learned levitation and summoning techniques (normal and expert difficulty only). This release also features additional special effects and sounds.

Karate Fighter 1.2

This is a massive update providing online leaderboards, super sized sprites, and nasty new tricks for bosses.


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