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Pocket Boxing Legends

Android (NEW!)

Pocket Boxing Legends is an arcade style brawler focusing on quick reaction, counter attacks, and tactics. Knock out fierce, hulking opponents, each with unique fighting styles. Capture the championship belt and defend it!

Basic Strategy

Jersey Joe

Jersey Joe likes to attack with jabs followed by a stiff right - keep your guard up and don't panic. His blows will be absorbed harmlessly by your gloves. Occasionally he'll throw a right to your body. If you dodge his right hand, use the opportunity to land a series of punches while he's off balance. Press the fight by working his body while his guard is up, or targeting his head when he lowers his guard. Jersey Joe is particularly vulnerable to power punches, so land them hard and often. Practice combinations - your left hand is fast, but you can hit a lot harder with your right.

Moose McGee

"Mad" Moose McGee is a well rounded boxer with anger issues. He likes to taunt you before punching. Pepper him with left jabs to the face when he lowers his hands, or dodge and counterattack. Moose is at his most dangerous when charging from across the ring. You can duck or dodge his wild swing. If you're feeling gutsy, punch him as he's lunging towards you. One of you will go down. If you manage to knock him down, or you throw one too many power punches, he'll launch uppercuts with his right hand - dodge to the right or risk going down with a dislocated jaw.

Mean Bean

Bean is a rotund, powerful fighter. What he lacks in mobility, he makes up for by having a thick layer of fat protecting his abdomen. Dodge to the left to avoid his lumbering punches. With a little practive, you'll' find yourself dancing circles around him, but be warned. Bean is known to lose his temper and try to flatten boxers heads between his ham-sized fists. Duck to avoid being clobbered!

Super Ivan

Ivan is a physical specimen, fast and dangerous. He likes to lead with one of two lightning fast combinations: jabs followed by a bone crushing right to the body, or a quick feint followed by two back-to-back body blows. After being knocked down, Ivan will go nuts and begin throwing sledgehammer-like uppercuts with both left and right hands. If you're not sure which way to dodge, you can always duck. Don't be shy about throwing occasional rights to his body. If you daze him with a headshot, a nice combination to take him down quickly is alternating jabs and power punches.

Kimber Slash

Kimber is a burly powerhouse, and one of the most aggressive fighters you'll face in your road to the title. He favors uppercuts. Be especially careful when he lowers his guard, as he's prone to throw punches in bunches. His overall quickness can make it difficult to counterattack.

Palooka Pete

Pete is a dirty fighter. He's got a hard head, and is particularly good at picking away at defensive opponents. The key to taming him is to lead with jabs. This will provoke him into throwing wild punches which you can dodge and counter. Watch out for him to unload a stiff uppercut to your jaw when you least expect it - from a clinch and as he's getting up. Left to his own devices, Pete likes to fight with bursts of fast punches. If you manage to intercept him with a left jab while he's attempting a flurry, keep jabbing and you may be able to fend him off unscathed.

Rasta King (Champion)

Rasta King, aka the Jamaican Sensation, has dominated the Pocket Boxing circuit for years. He enjoys stalking his opponents methodically in the ring. He won't take you seriously unless you manage to knock him down. If you make him angry, you may find yourself flattened by a wild haymaker which can only be ducked.

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