Xiangqi for iPhone and iPod Touch - Chinese Chess like you've never seen it before! A unique traditional Chinese watercolour inspired look compliments this easy to play, challenging, game of Chinese Chess.

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General can move one space horizontally or vertically. General may not leave his palace. Generals may not directly face each other.

Advisor moves one space diagonally. Advisors may not leave their palace.

Elephant moves exactly two squares diagonally. Elphants may not cross the river. Elephants may not jump pieces.

Soldier advances one square forward. Soldier may move one square sideways after crossing river.

Horse moves two square horizontally or vertically, then one square diagonally, like a western knight. Unlike the western knight, the horse in Chinese Chess cannot jump over pieces.

Chariot moves horizontally or vertically over any number of empty squares, exactly like a western rook. Chariot can capture the first opponent piece it encounters in the direction it travels.

Cannon moves like a chariot, but must jump over exactly one piece to capture.

For more information on Chinese Chess visit the Xiangqi Wikipedia Entry

A variety of difficulty levels make Xiangqi perfect for beginners looking to learn how to play Chinese Chess, or experts looking to keep their skills sharp. You can also share your screen and take on a human opponent.

Xiangqi features:

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Programming: Philip J. Stroffolino

Graphics: Louis-Nicolas Dozois

Music: Benjamin Birney